All-round views


Best-quality cameras



All-round vision

Through innovative use of the latest technology, and by bringing together expertise from a wide range of backgrounds, ICanProve.IT have developed Videmus: a solution that can be tailored to any needs with just one hub, one communication device per vehicle and high-level easy-to-use remote management.
Videmus – surveillance: our vehicle-mounted camera systems provide a continuous full 360° video image. Not all accidents happen in front of the driver: a vehicle might equally be shunted from the side, or the rear. When prompted, Videmus, relays quality HD footage from multiple (up to 16) cameras at once to a secure online site, or directly to your inbox.

Live view

You can access the view from your cameras in real-time: live and as it happens. To protect privacy, views time out after 5 minutes. In addition, you can request historic video for any date or time in the previous month. Again, this will be an all-round view, with video files emailed to you almost instantly.

Do you need a camera inside the vehicle as well? Or even underneath? We can do that. An additional camera in the cab has great value: recording driver action, attention and reaction.

Your fleet deserves protection. When it comes to a disputed incident, it will never again be a case of your driver’s word against someone else’s. Cash-for-crash schemes become more sophisticated daily: currently costing £392 million per year and suspected to be behind 1 in 7 personal injury claims.

Full TomTom Telematics Integration


  • An integrated solution
  • Through your WEBFLEET portal
  • Crucial add-on technology
  • Secure video evidence
  • 360° HD digital video
  • No blind spots

Do you love TomTom telematics? So do we. And Videmus from ICanProve.IT is a solution that integrates fully with WEBFLEET, giving you the best of both worlds.

Through your TomTom portal, you can request a link to live video streaming, or download video from any point in the last 30 days. And this is HD video, with no blind spots, and secure digital fingerprinting.

Tachograph integration

Automatic collection of tachograph data with integration for analysis

Tachograph Data Manager automates collection of tachograph data and stores it in a cloud based server solution. The data is sent directly to the analysis service via the servers. Data will be copied from both the tachograph and the driver card at prescribed intervals, this data no longer needs to be collected manually; everything takes place automatically through our servers.

You no longer need to collect data manually. The unit communicates with your tachograph equipment – that has activated remote download. The unit then sends the data to the cloud-based server solution via the mobile network – where the information is stored for a year.

The data files are sent directly to the analysis service. This online portal gives you an excellent overview of the work flow and helping you verify that you have required data. Any infringements are easily visible and marked on an easy-to-navigate timeline.

Drivers are fully supported, their data sorted by driver or by depot as required. And drivers have their own access codes to ensure that they can be fully in control of their own performance.

dashboardYou access all your data easily with a visually appealing online platform that makes it easy to understand exactly what is happening across your whole fleet.


When you know that an incident has occurred, you can trigger the


Safe and secure digital technology

Video footage (for the full 360⁰ view around your vehicle) is sent to a secure cloud platform. This platform was developed in The US by former FBI and CIA employees and data forensic specialists. Crucially, video files are tagged with a unique digital fingerprint to prevent tampering.

A digital fingerprint of the original vehicle file is generated by the vehicle and by the e-litigation platform. These two fingerprints are compared and, if identical, they verify that the footage has not been amended or tampered with during transmission, confirming that the video file is original and unaltered.

Easy to use

Online access

The Videmus Data Centre can hold: video; GPS and telemetry data; completed insurance forms and other documents; telephone call recordings. These are instantly available securely and online to the fleet owner and the insurance broker, and can be shared further.

The video material, phone call recordings and the completed insurance report are all stored on the e-litigation platform in a format that the law courts will accept as unaltered. And lawyers from both sides of a court case can access these data knowing that they are securely stored and admissible as evidence.